FrontRetail is the most complete solution for your retail business.

Scalable and adapted to each business type and size. Our products and devices cover all of your requirements and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources, and increases the benefits of the establishments.


Fashion Boutique
Accessories Store

Complexity Made Easy

FrontRetail is the ideal solution for point of sale in a shop. Whether it is a boutique, shoe shop, perfume & cosmetics store, hair salon, electronic devices retailer, or a supermarket, FrontRetail can accurately and efficiently manage all these businesses.

Thanks to its touch screen capacity, sellers need no IT knowledge to hit the ground running their sales operations. FrontRetail is highly customized and user configurable for better safety and improved human interaction. FrontRetail is also scalable to manage from a single shop to hundreds of them.

Why FrontRetail

For promotions, FrontRetail manages promotions through several rates, offers and discounts, Mix&Match (i.e 20/50/80 discounts for the second unit, offers 2×1, 3×2, etc.). The software also manages items by barcodes, references, serial numbers, families, sizes and colors, descriptions, brands, and more.

FrontRetail manages collections, payments, automatic cash count, and credit limit control for each client. It also provides statistics for sales ranking by item, seller, client, with comparative analysis between time periods, yields statistics, etc.

In beauty salons and hairdressers. FrontRetail helps in scheduling services with agenda (hour, duration, employee, cabins, etc.).

For customers profiles, FrontRetail helps you complete customer file, manage loans, pending collections, reservations, and define sales history.

Warehouse stock control, where you can get all data related to goods reception, goods transfer, and item labels printout.

And most of all loyalty programs, through which increase your income and earn your customers loyalty with different cards: gift cards, prepaid cards, points, and more.

Main Advantages

Sales process optimization

Customer loyalty

Boost sales with promotions and Mix&Match

Control customer reservations and clothes arrangements

Effectively manage aspects of warehousing

Receive and manage online orders

Create and print labels and barcodes

Complete shelves repositioning through mobile devices



StockManager manages and controls all warehouse processes through mobile devices.

Receive the goods delivered by the supplier, manage and control all warehouse processes, purchase orders, purchase order reception and transfers between warehouses through Android mobile devices with the StockManager solution. Make inventories for stock control and improve employees productivity and logistics.

Business Management (ERP)

Centralize all your establishments information and sales. Receive in real time all sales and cash closings of each point of sale. Update centrally items, pricing, promotions, user profiles, … define offer strategies, promotions and customer loyalty. Manage and control the items supply and raw materials from the headquarter to branches.

Manage finance and accounting. Improve finance and accounting processes. Quantify easily all establishments cash counts. Trace and control collections and pending payments, coordinate simply book entries and account balances. Issue payment and collection remittances with the corresponding bank regulations. Integrate accounting with billing and treasury on real time.



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