FrontRest is the most complete solution for your hospitality business.

Scalable and adapted to each business type and size. Our products and devices cover all of your requirements and offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources, and increases the benefits of the establishments.


Dine-in Restaurant
Fast Food

Complexity Made Easy

FrontRest provides the best solution that can be adapted to each and every type of business. Whether you manage one establishment or a franchise, FrontRest manages recipes for cost control, sales by format, multi-level modifiers, daily menus, happy hours and different offers by shifts, and much more.

Why FrontRest

FrontRest helps waiters take orders quickly, proposing modifiers and special offers. Delivery Orders are received via Call Center, and are sent to the closest restaurant for its preparation and delivery.

The software also includes statistical sales ranking by item, seller or customer; comparative between time periods, production. Warehouse management controls consumption and turnover of each item.

Front Rest suggests purchase orders. Each dish composition is defined in order to control cost and stock of raw materials

When it comes to food portioning, cashiers get to offer orders by portions and ingredients selection, half or quarter, depending on clients’ preferences.

Above all, FrontRest offers the privilege of Loyalty Cards, which increase your income and earn your customers loyalty with different cards: Prepaid, VIPs, Points, etc. This is in addition to setting up menus and special offers by days of the week and hour ranges (e.g. 2×1 drinks, get your dessert by adding a few extra dollars, etc.).

Main Advantages

Sales process optimization

Room and table occupancy management

Customer loyalty

Effectively manage aspects of warehousing

Develop manufacturing datasheet and recipe breakdown

Receive online reservations and orders

Create your offers and combos

Room and tables occupancy management

Drive-thru management

Delivery, where you can assign orders to the drivers for distribution and track them



Manage orders in the kitchen. Speed up your customer service with HioScreen kitchen screens to display all dishes to be prepared and served as well as the time lapsed from the request. Thanks to the different ways of visualizing orders you can manage the status of the dish with a screen and organize the elaboration of the dishes in each area with a situation screen (cold dishes, grill, etc.).


TeleComanda is a software with which the waiter takes note of the order on the table and sends it instantly to the printers and/or screens of the different collaboration areas, kitchen (screen and/or printer), and to the POS to register the sale.

The solution is adapted to any smart phone or tablet.

Business Management (ERP)

Centralize all your establishments information and sales. Receive in real time all sales and cash closings of each point of sale. Update centrally items, pricing, promotions, user profiles, … define offer strategies, promotions and customer loyalty. Manage and control the items supply and raw materials from the headquarter to branches.

Manage finance and accounting. Improve finance and accounting processes. Quantify easily all establishments cash counts. Trace and control collections and pending payments, coordinate simply book entries and account balances. Issue payment and collection remittances with the corresponding bank regulations. Integrate accounting with billing and treasury on real time.



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