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A solution that guarantees the total control of all the departments of a company and strengthens the relation with the clients.

Scalable and adapted to each business type and size. Our products and devices offer an integrated solution that improves efficiency, optimizes resources, and increases the benefits of the establishments.


Personnel Management
Reporting & Analysis
Data Management

Complexity Made Easy

ICGManager software for companies is the ideal solution to help you to manage, organize and control your company reliably and safely that speed up the tasks, improve the invoicing and financial procedures and reduces costs.

The application complements the management of the warehouse and inventories, and the management of auto sale-presale based on hand terminals. Take profit of this potent platform of informs and graphics for the instantly decision making. ICGManager incorporates a platform totally configurable for the planning, tracing and scheduling of all the activities of the company. ICGManager includes accounting module, sales, purchase module, sales cycle module and CRM system.

Through ICGManager, management will have real time overview of all transactions coming and going to the point of sale.

Main Advantages

Data centralization

Finance and accounting management

Streamline sales process

Supervise your customer management

Launch marketing campaigns through SMS and emails

Optimize procurement process

Plan stock inventories

Check item traceability

Receive and analyze your business data, in real time, with more than 200 report types

Why ICGManager

When it comes to sales, ICGManager helps in the creation of quotations by entry and tracing of revisions. Tracing of all documents associated to the sales cycle: quotation, order, delivery note, invoice, payment and accounting. It also assist in the creation and maintenance of prices, offers by periods and promotions.And with the Follow-up of sales by vendor, definition and calculation of commissions. This is in addition to automation of the invoicing of delivery notes and invoicing of periodic amounts processes. 

As for the Purchases and Warehouse, ICGManager helps with the manual entry of purchase orders or automated orders based on the stock levels and delivery terms, the validation of the received items against the orders, labeling and warehouse location, inventories planning, realization and analysis of total inventories, partial or by zones, and with the preparation and validation of delivery notes & printing shipment labels. 

Moreover, the ICGManager is a tool that strengthens the personalized relation with clients and contacts of the company through the CRM system, where it helps you to access from a single screen to the personal data of customers, suppliers, contact persons, employees, helps with the registration of calls, visits and agreements, planning and scheduling of the sales team, besides management of technical services and registration of Call Center tickets. 

ICGManager helps with the Accounting and Finances to include but not limited to invoicing, tax liquidations, official balances, defining credit limits, and follow-up and control collections, bank consolidations, etc. 

Finally, ICGManager provide you with a full analytical statistics, where it incorporates a powerful engine for the generation of personalized reports and graphic, allowing the user to take profit of all the information of his company in the most comfortable and immediate way, to form the full business information for instant decision making; i.e sales ranking by item, customer, business area, department, brand, comparison over several periods, current inventories, inventories on a date, collections and pending payments, cashflow, and others.

All reports, and graphs can be printed, exported to Excel, or sent by e-mail.



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