Smart Solutions for Fast Food

Kitchen management

Advanced statistics

Combos management

Cash Controls

Assigning rates

personalised items

Personalize your combos

Create and customize your combos and menus, this will avoid you having to look over and change the dishes periodically. With HIOPOS menus you can select which articles you would like and which days of the week they will be available. Add the items from our database without the need of creating them from scratch. Also, you can automatically increase the price of the menus with special items or modifiers.

Increase your productivity with T-Quiosk

Improve the customer experience.

Reduce queues and waiting time.

Generate more table turnover and better staff distribution during peak hours.

T-Quiosk works uninterruptedly during all your business hours.

Increase the average sales of your business.

T-Quiosk intelligently suggests new items to complete the customer’s order.

HIOPOS Analytics

HIOPOS Analytics is a real-time dashboard system that allows you to browse through your business information from anywhere, anytime and from any device, with just one click.
Through KPI’s, tables, graphs and cubes, you can compile, analyze and transform the information to help you on your business decisions. Also, it has web format and its own App for Android and iOS.

Order from the table

Give your restaurant a technological air with S-QUIOSK. Place a tablet on each table and have your customers order from the table! And in their own language.

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