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Advanced Technology for Business (ATB) is a software development company committed to providing quality IT solutions that facilitate and add value to our clients’ businesses in the following main sectors: Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Retail Stores, Hotel Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions.

We offer a full variety of custom software services, including full company management (ERP Systems) with Accounting, Financials, Warehouse Management, Mobile Sales for Distribution Companies, Purchase and Sales Modules, Client Relationship Management, and Powerful Statistics and Reports.

We propose full-cycle development services for restaurants, cafés, bakeries, and hospitality businesses, in addition to retail businesses including supermarkets, boutique shops, clothing stores, appliances, accessories, and much more.

Our products include: FrontRest, FrontRetail and ERP solutions that have already brought great value to our clients. As certified software applications, we are equipped with the tools and resources to deliver the best quality of software development services and solutions to our clients which can be fully integrated as per business need.

ATB is a Master Provider of ICG Business Solutions. Innovating since 1985, ICG Group worked hard with the clear objectives for making the job easier for users and companies helping them to manage their business through the most advanced technology.

Working with teams in both IT and business departments, we deliver the best outcomes for our customers. We achieve this by partnering with you to identify your most important business outcomes, then helping to design the solution that will impact the processes, people, and technology to deliver high caliber services.

ATB is a Master Provider of ICG Business Solutions

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